Sick Piggy

Sick Piggy

Once we got settled, Lucky started having diarrhea.

We didn’t know if it was caused by stress or something more serious, so we did some research to learn about possible causes, treatments and additional health implications.

It turns out, diarrhea is really bad for pigs. This frequent expulsion of bodily fluids is often fatal for feral piglets as they lack nutrients and suffer from dehydration.

From here, his health started to deteriorate and he entered the danger zone. We didn’t know if Lucky was going to survive, so we did some more research, ensured he drank a powdered  colostrum formula and milk formula, and took him to a vet.

Lucky was a sick piglet

The description of Lucky’s health issues and treatments gets a bit graphic, so I’ll stop here. If you’re interested in the details, read the post on Sick Piggy.