I’ve heard that experienced celebs advise newbies to remember the people who your real friends are. There’s a similar feeling among business owners. Remember your first customer and those who helped you get to where you are. Foster the relationship with your fans and show them that you appreciate them, for without them, you might be in a very different position.

Below are four ways to show your fans that you value them.

Social Media Interaction

Devote a few minutes to answer the common questions from your fans.  This makes the fans you talk with feel important and heard. Use a hashtag to welcome others to the conversation. Hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything) so your fans can get to know you and hear your story. Give them a shout out on Facebook or Instagram to show them appreciation and show others they use your products and services.

Appreciate their efforts

Honor your fans by sharing pictures, recognizing their birthdays and knowing their names. Customer of the Month and similarly-styled campaigns are simple low-cost ways to show appreciation and keep your fans engaged.

Meet and Greet

If you have a free time, and you want to personally show how much you appreciate your fans, conduct a simple meet and greet where your fans can come see you. Let them see that you are a normal human like them who enjoy a time with the friends.  If you want to make this event more meaningful to you and your fans, conduct a meet and greet on a charity event.

If you don’t want to get that personal with them, you can always do a Google hangout or another virtual meet and greet.

Make Them Feel Like Family

A simple code for a presale of your special item will give your fans a reason to pay attention to you.  A simple mention of their name on your social media accounts will make them feel special.  Treat your fan base as a huge community and make them feel like they are a part of this family.  It is the least that you can do for all their support throughout your journey.

Say the Three Meaningful Words Your Fans Want to Hear

I appreciate you. By telling and showing your fans that you appreciate them, you can almost guarantee their return business. Plus, they’ll likely tell their friends about your company.

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