The United States is one of the only countries that doesn’t require this

Bree Goldstein Pregnant

Did you know that the United States is one of the only countries that does not require paid maternity or paternity leave?

Paid maternity / paternity leave was a consideration for my public relations agency. It was a benefit that I had to decide whether or not I wanted to offer to my employees. Similarly, it may have been a benefit I had as an employee (since it never applied to me, I never paid attention to whether or not I had it).

Yet, we expect it. Like, we’re entitled to paid leave… Hey employer, I just had a kid. Pay me to stay home and take care of it. But for entrepreneurs, that’s not quite how it works.

As entrepreneurs, we’re accountable to so many people, ourselves included, that any significant leave (let alone paid leave) may not be an option… especially for solopreneurs.

I might be able to carve out a couple of days where my clients, users, investors, and team members, etc. don’t expect to hear from me. However, two weeks (or forty weeks if I was an employee in the UK) is more than I expect. Maybe, I’ll get lucky and the baby will be born on a Friday, so I can have the weekend off. But then again, social media waits for no one.

Wait. Seriously. I AM HAVING A BABY.

Where are the priorities?

Where should they be?

Should I give up on my dreams and take a job? No!

It may be easier and require less from me, however when I started my newest venture, I made a commitment to myself that I will work with an indefatigable spirit, act tenaciously to meet goals and make meaningful connections, and work 7 days a week, 18 hours a day if that’s that it takes.

I know myself, and I know that I’m more effective and efficient when I’m well-rested and feel good.

What makes me feel good?

Being successful. Exercising. Sleeping 4 – 8 hours a night. Eating healthily. Spending time with family and friends.

Again, I’m in the best position possible. A lot of my work can be done via phone and on the computer. But what if I couldn’t? What if I had to go to an office every day? Or if my job was physically demanding? What are you doing to be a mom and an entrepreneur?

How does one balance having a new born with working, if they don’t take time off of work?  I suppose that is a question that I’ll be exploring in the months to come.

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