I started speaking to groups over 100 people when I was in high school. Speaking to professionals was easy, however speaking to my peers was another story.

An acclaimed speaker, Bree has won numerous awards for her presentations on public relations tactics and strategies, social media ROI, and personal growth.

Bree is highly sought after to speak for groups small and large, and as a keynote at national conferences. She has conducted work shops and seminars for groups as small as 5 professionals and as large a 750.

Bree’s passion for helping others succeed is evident is each presentation. She takes big concepts and makes them accessible to the audience. She teaches how they can garner media exposure for free for themselves and their companies, using the same techniques she uses at Publicly Related. Bree gives actionable advice, that can be implemented right away.

With smaller groups, her presentations are interactive and require audience participation. With larger groups, she keeps the audience engaged through her anecdotes and useful information.

She took a complex topic and broke it down to make it easily understandable. I learned a lot and left with actionable steps I could easily do.

Sally R.

I learned how to calculate ROI – or ROT – for my company’s social media! I can’t thank her enough… she may have saved my job!

Prentice K.

I did what Bree talked about and was in the media within the week. Then I promoted it on social media and got even more accolades. Thank you Bree!!!

Rachel P.

I am inspired to go out and climb a tree! Live without boundaries and push beyond my comfort zone! I know this will be the best year of my life so far! Thanks Bree!

Enrique B.

Through her eye contact and personable approach, I feel connected to Bree. I can call or email her anytime with questions and she’ll be there. That’s just how she is.

Chris A.