Social Media for Businesses: Strategies and ROI


Businesses know they need to be on social media, yet they struggle with which social media platforms to use, what to post, when to post it, and how to calculate the ROI on their efforts. These quandaries are the root of discussions across the country and around the globe, from the smallest offices to the largest board rooms. Rookies and leaders are asking: how can we be more effective on social media?

These same conversations often include the question who will handle our social media? One of the most common mistakes organizations make is tasking the youngest person with posting on social media, however results can be disastrous.

A third question that frequently arises is, how can we measure the ROI? The presentation tackles ROI and suggests a paradigm shift to ROT, or return on time. I will give you real metrics to use to measure ROT and ways to show effectiveness.

This presentation is great for everyone from entry level employees to seasoned professionals, business leaders, marketers and budding entrepreneurs.

Learning Objectives

During this presentation, you will learn that your target audience is probably not who you think it is. You will learn how to identify your actual target audience.

You will also learn which platforms your company should be active on and why. By understanding the purpose, you will be able to explain to to your boss, board and employees the importance of social media.You will also learn the best times to post on different networks and the type of information to post.

I will cover a paradigm shift in measuring return on investment (ROI) to measuring the return on time (ROT). You will learn which metrics to matter and different ways to calculate ROT.