Written expression is more important now than ever, especially as text-shorthand creeps into formal communications.

Every day, millions of emails and text messages are sent, tweets and status updates are posted, and reviews are shared. These formal and informal interactions leave a lasting impression on others. Whether it’s your first impression or your hundredth impression, your words effect those whom they reach, so choose them carefully.

I have been published multiple times in various media outlets and as a guest on esteemed blogs. Below are a few of her published books, pamphlets and white papers. Find me on Amazon! 

This was written for you to express your love in an easy-to-understand book filled with colorful pictures. Read the book as is, or personalize it by adding your loved one’s photo at the end.

Great for children, as well as adults.

A PR Girl’s Guide to Maximizing Your Networking Efforts

Packed with tips to join conversations, get out of uncomfortable interactions, and meet key people, A PR Girl’s Guide to Maximizing Your Networking Efforts teaches entrepreneurs, students and leaders how to work a room. Key take aways include strategies for preparation for the event and follow-up from it.

PR Blueprint

Geared toward business leaders and marketing directors, yet accessible enough for novices, The PR Blueprint delivers actionable steps to generate free media exposure for a business, person or event. The book covers everything from formulating an idea to contacting reporters, to publicizing publicity.

Maximize your marketing with public relations: understanding SEC regulations

Written for financial advisors and their marketing managers, this white paper will teach you about the regulations and how to develop and deliver marketing collateral and communications within even the most strict rules. It has been called “the best purchase of the year” since it clearly explains effective marketing strategies that are approved by the SEC.

Even the most seasoned marketing managers need a refresher, and they need to trust their public relations partners understand the regulations prior to engaging, which is why marketing companies and advisory firms refer to the white paper over and over.

As the world becomes more complicated and there are more distractions, systems are the best way  to simplify and focus your energy. Learn two of these systems that will become building blocks for goal setting and accomplishment of those goals.

You’ll learn:

– How to determine if a goal is worthwhile to pursue and how to effectively set goals that will make a difference.

– How to pair the SMARTER Goal Setting system with the SALT Method for Achievement to increase your propensity to accomplish your goals and reach new levels of success.

– How to stay on track when working toward a challenging or long-term goal.

– The one thing everyone needs to achieve their dreams and how to develop and capitalize on it.

Sex Lies & Your Reputation

Sex Lies & Your Reputation discusses the role an online reputation plays in an individual’s life, both personally and professionally. The book discusses how to develop a reputation online, shield it from impact when negative information is published, and maintain it during steady times.

Using real-world examples from politicians, business executives and private citizens, Bree shows how an online reputation can make or break an election, support or crush a career, and even impact personal offline lives.

Bree Goldstein The Wishing Box
When Arden’s family relocates to a new area, Arden is forced to leave her friends. Lonely, Arden wishes for someone to play with. She thinks her wish may be granted when her family receives a huge cardboard box. Arden uses the box to take her on wild adventures. Curious about the big box, children from her new neighborhood knock on Arden’s front door to meet their new neighbor. She uses her magic adventure box as a way to make friends, until the box gets ruined. Arden thinks that she has nothing else to offer the other kids in the way of friendship, but she finds out she does.