Poodle and Pooch Rescue

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A Brief Overview

Poodle and Pooch Rescue was established in 2008 to save older and special needs dogs that were being euthanized at animal controls. Other rescue groups were only saving healthy young dogs.

Our dogs are “throw aways” from Florida and Georgia and many are older or have special needs.

100% volunteer-run, we are group of 90 dog lovers who give our time, resources and love without compensation. 70 individuals and families open their homes and hearts to foster they are adopted.

Other volunteers transport the dogs, coordinate medical care, and work with adoption applicants to ensure we find the right match for them and that our dogs go to quality homes.

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The Numbers:

  • 0 paid staff
  • 90 volunteers
  • Saved over 2,600 dogs
  • In 2014, we saved over 400 dogs
  • We are 100% funded by donors, we do not receive any government funds or grants.

Our Dogs Are…

• Older
• Special needs
• About to be euthanized
• Throw-aways and leftovers
• Abused, neglected & forgotten
• Shelter dogs & owner surrenders
• From as far south as Miami, Florida
• From as far north as Augusta Georgia