Personal Brand, Meet Reputation.

I was once asked, why do the personal brand before the reputation. The answer is simple: your reputation should mirror your brand.

You may have heard that you need good reputation in order to achieve success in a business, as well as in everything else you do.

You must work hard, don’t give up, deliver high-quality products and services, be attentive to your clients’ needs, stay detail oriented, respond promptly to communications… the list goes on. These are great sentiments, although they may not fit each reputation.

Building a solid online reputation is pretty simple. You need a computer, internet and the ability to be a little creative.

Creative doesn’t mean expand the truth, creative means think about your personal brand. Creative means, how do you want to be known, remembered and thought of. Creative means, what colors and words do you want associated with you. Creative means, what makes you different from everyone else.

Once you figure out how you want to be known, you can start building your brand and establishing your reputation!