Lucky the Pig

I never thought I could love a pig… and then I met Lucky.

We found a feral piglet walking down the road alone in a state forest. Figuring he’s die if we left him, we scooped him up and took him with us…

Lucky is a rescued feral pig. In this blog, I’ll share how we found him, why we adopted him, about how we’re raising him, his care needs, his personality and our adventures. I’ll also share what we’ve learned and mistakes we made, as well as debates we may have about his care, living situation and more.

Please note, I’m a regular person who never imagined that I would one day adopt, live with and love a pig. Please read my disclaimer before employing any of the information you gain here, as I’m not a vet, pig expert or formally educated on anything relate to farms or farm animals.

Pictured: Weighing approximately 3.6 lbs, Lucky’ between 2 weeks and 1.5 months old. He happily snoozes after playing and finishing his bottle of milk.

Lucky the rescue feral pig piglet

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Lucky the pigBreeGoldstein
Baby pigBreeGoldstein
Black and white wild hog feral pig diggingBreeGoldstein
Pig hugsBreeGoldstein
sick feral piglet recoveringBreeGoldstein
Lucky was a sick pigletbreegoldstein
wild hog looking at the cameraBreeGoldstein
Bottle fed wild piglet feral hog
First night with Lucky a wild hog feral pig baby piglet
Unicorn PigBreeGoldstein
Alligators will eat feral pigs
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