Pigs are smart. Let’s be clear, hogs, swine, boar, pigs, oinkers, porkers, whatever you call them are intelligent creatures. In fact, they’ve been known to score higher on IQ tests than 3-year old humans. Knowing this, we had very high expectations for Lucky’s litter box usage.

He was “area trained” within a day. That was easy.

However, getting him to use a litter box was a bit more challenging. 

First we tried an aluminum browning pan. He hated it. I don’t know if it was the feeling of aluminum beneath his hooves or the sound, or even the litter (we used a common cat litter, which is a major no-no we later learned), but either way, he was not happy about it.

Then we used a high-walled litter box to catch pee, in case he pee’d like a dog. Spoiler alert: Lucky does not pee like a dog; he does not lift a leg. In fact, he doesn’t pee like a cat either (my cat used to frequently miss his litter box and his the adjacent wall, which thrilled our then-landlord). Lucky pee’s straight down, so the high-walls were unnecessary.

Within a couple of days, Lucky grew so much he started rubbing his back on the top bar of the littler box, and seemed to dislike using it for this reason.

I don’t have an image of this crate, however the best way to picture it is to imagine a white postal box with one of the long-sides cut out. That’s what it resembled.

We also tried a cat litter box. Lucky’s legs were a little too short to make this convenient for him, so he rarely went in on his own. He was fine hopping out though after we lifted him in.

Then we picked up a litter pan from Tractor Supply and it’s been working out very well! We use a puppy wit Yesterday’s News sprinkled on top to discourage Lucky pulling it off.

Every so often, Lucky still pulls the  puppy pad off to rip, tear and play with. Although most of the time, he leaves it alone.

He does well with positive feedback and treats, such as a bite of banana.

Lucky’s potty trained most of the time. When he has an accident, it’s usually near his litter pan and a result of the puppy pad being too full.

Lucky is also very good about toileting when we go outside.

A quick learner, Lucky is as smart as pigs are supposed to be!

Baby pig