Hogs are pack animals and prefer companionship.

However, not all animals make the best companions for pigs. For instance, goats and sheep may buck a pig, and they may wind up fighting to cause harm to one another.

Rabbits and baby chicks (if you let your hog live with your chickens) may provide nourishment when your pig pal is feeling hungry. The same goes for amphibians, birds and other small mammals.

Usually, pigs’ best friends are dogs. I can’t say why for sure, although my best guess is that they’re both playful animals who like to run, spend time resting and are social. So, why not!

boy and his pig
girl and her pig

A vet said that these pigs tend to do best as inside pets when they can go outside, as opposed to pets that live outside full time.

Another vet suggested an indoor pig with access to the outside. I’m imagining a really big doggy door with access to a fenced in yard area. 

Whatever you decide, be sure to provide your pig with a companion. People and dogs may be best, however you should be cognizant of your pig’s specific circumstances. For instance, if you have his sibling, you may not need to provide an additional companion.

pig and a dog
pig and a dog
pig and a dog

As a final thought, pigs register loss. They are intelligent and emotional animals. Therefore, if your pig’s companion starts to age well before your pig does, or if your pig becomes depressed after his mate passes away, you might consider finding him another companion. If possible, establish a third animal companion before he’s needed, so your pig will already have a relationship with him before he needs the support.

Pig hugs