Bree Goldstein

I’ve spent so much time promoting my clients, that I haven’t spent much time promoting myself! That’s alright though, it enabled me to deliver a great service and exceptional results. Check out a few of my favorite client articles on my Pinterest page!

Even though I don’t pitch myself as an expert, I’ve gained a little exposure here and there. Here are a few examples, feel free to click on the media outlet!

Fast Company

Full feature on Bree Goldstein’s early days as a fire fighter and the lessons she learned that continue to guide her as a tech founder.

Dickinson College: Alumni In Action

Interview about what keeps Bree Goldstein ’05 busy. As in, most people would probably have to give up sleeping each night to keep up. The former sociology major teaches at the University of Central Florida, consults for startups and established organizations on marketing and public relations and launched her own app, UpDog, which has been described as Vine meets Instagram meets Yelp. The self-proclaimed adventurer and problem solver is also a wife, mother to a baby boy and foster mom to more than 20 special-needs dogs. Read on to see how her time as a firefighter set her on her path and why UpDog should be the next app you put on your phone.

Vintage Fire Truck

This 6-page spread discuss my 1952 American LaFrance fire truck and the story behind how it ended up in my possession. The best part of the article is back-cover feature image of my daughter and my dog.

JLife Magazine

This article shares how my husband and I co-founded the Jewish Chamber of Commerce, about the Chamber, and a bit about our personal lives.

Kelly Hoey‘s Innovator Insight’s

Interview with Bree Goldstein about her journey as an entrepreneur and as the Founder of UpDog: Easy Video Reviews.

News 13

Google will Gauge Parking Availability

Denver Post

Bree Goldstein’s ‘I Love You More Than…’ Hits #1 International Best Seller in Less Than 24 hours

1 Million Cups (presentation)

The first public unveiling of UpDog

Fox News 35

Central Florida woman creates UpDog app to create video reviews

News 13

Cutting Down on Fake Reviews


10 Start-Up Companies Worth Investing In

Orlando Business Journal

How this new local app will bring you new biz — and take on Yelp


What’s UpDog?

Powers + Ristorcelli

Straight Outta Orlando: Two New Review Apps

News 13

What’s ‘UpDog’? New app lets you post 15-second video reviews


Review of UpDog, in German!

Entrepreneur Podcast Network

How you can monitor your online reputation

News 13

Proposed bill would protect digital assets after you die

See the video interview here.

Orlando Business Journal

5 ways to clean up your Twitter before you make it big in business

The Michael Dresser Show

Interview with Bree Gotsdiner: Author of “Sex, Lies and Your Reputation”

104.1 Monsters in the Morning

Talking about social media

News 13 and Bay News 9

New Florida bill to address social media privacy at work

See the video interview here.

Jenn T. Grace Podcast

Expert Interview with Bree Gotsdiner of Publicly Related

Central Florida Future

UCF speaker explains how to make money on YouTube

Fox Travel News

Skip the Boring Beach Vacation for One of These Adventure-Packed Trips

Entrepreneur Podcast Network

Fitpacking with Bree Gotsdiner

PR Web

Dwight Howard is Fat, But Gronk is Obese