Accomplish Anything: SMARTER Goal Setting and the SALT Method of Achievement


Goal setting is part of everyone’s job. Whether you need to answer or make  calls, file documents, manage others, enter data, attend networking functions, train new employees, order supplies, run errands, or even get the boss coffee, we all have work to finish and usually deadlines. But how do we know if we’re accomplishing what we need to? Or, for more abstract tasks, such as improving company morale or increasing customer satisfaction, how do you know if what you’re doing is beneficial and timely?

This workshop will explore the art of goal setting. You will learn a strategy to improve personal and professional goal setting, and a method to accomplish your goals – however big or small they may be.

During the workshop, you will work in small groups to identify goals and build your plan to reach them.

Learning Objectives

In this presentation, you will learn the difference between SMARTER and ordinary goals as well as the SALT Method to accomplish any goal.

Working in small groups, you will have the opportunity to talk about your own goals and position them to be SMARTER goals. You will discuss how you plan to achieve your goals, and create a SALT plan to accomplish them, with a finite end and measurable results.

At the end of the workshop, you will have identified at least one SMARTER goal and have an SALT-based method to accomplish it.