We were on a planned overnight adventure the way we found Lucky, so we weren’t going to see out children that evening. When we called to say goodnight, we FaceTimed them so our son could see Lucky (our daughter had already gone to bed). He saw the pig and we chatted about it for a moment.

Then we asked, “Do you want it?”

Our son said “Yep.”

We said “Okay.” Completely nonchalantly.

When Joel picked up towels for Lucky, he also purchased a couple of squeaky-oinky toys that were probably meant for dogs, although we thought that they would be perfect for our kids.

We returned home late the following night – again the kids were already asleep – we set up Lucky’s pen and introduced him to our cat Clover and dog Lola. We did their introductions much like how we introduce other dogs into our home. First we let them smell each other’s back ends and walk around. Since Lucky had been experiencing diarrhea, we kept him bit further away than we normally would. Just until we knew if he had worms or anything transferable. We didn’t want Clover or Lola to contract something and get sick.