sleeping feral piglet wild hog baby

Lucky’s battling diarrhea, which could have been caused by ticks, bacteria in his stomach, or something else. He’s in the danger zone, so we’re paying extra close attention to him and nursing him around the clock.

I’m not a pig expert or even a pig know-it-all. I’m learning as I go and will make mistakes. Any advice I give, is simply that, advice. Please don’t take it as fact or the final word. Do your own research, see a vet and keep learning.

Any products, services, medications, or experiences I show, discuss, or review are my based on my own observations and Lucky’s reactions and responses. I may post links to products and some of those links may be affiliate links. This means (depending on the link), if you purchase a product through my link, I may receive a small commission from the sale. It is my intention to use any monies from this site on Lucky.

In the future, if a brand compensates us for a review, image, or post we will inform you by using language like “this post was brought to you by…”. We understand and will follow the FTC guidelines, which you can read about here.

Some content may be best consumed by a mature audience, as it may detail medical issues, icky images or video clips, bodily fluids or it may trigger emotional responses. Of course, I have no intention to cause harm by anything posted or portrayed.

I hope you enjoy Lucky as much as we do! (If you don’t, you don’t have to follow him on social media or read about his life!).

Thank you for joining us on this grand adventure!


Lucky and Bree (mom / publicist)