You’ve worked hard to build your follower base and create engaging posts, emotionally charged videos and funny memes to keep them coming back. Now it’s time for your hard work to pay off, literally. It’s time to become an influencer and get compensated for sharing products and discussing your experiences.

The two biggest questions are how much can I make? and where do I sign up? I’ll save how much you can make for another post. Here’s how you get paid for being an influencer.

  • Build your follower base on social media. More opinions are formed on social media than anywhere else. It’s where people find news (and fake news), see products, fill their bucket list and find others to follow. Whether it’s the cute boy from class or the woman at work, you’re bound to follow some of your contacts, as well as celebrities, athletes, politicians and others who are powerful because of their network. Keep your followers and fans engaged through content.
  • Build relationships and provide value. People follow you because they connect with the content you post. They like your memes, appreciate your quotes, and engage with your images and articles. Be sure to provide your fans and followers something of value to continue to build the connection and their devotion. Make them feel like they have a relationship with you.
  • Create focused quality content. People follow you for a reason. Figure out what sets you apart from others and build on it. Capitalize on your uniqueness and create content to mirror it. The higher the quality of content the better. See what receives the most engagement and use it as a model for future posts.
  • Repost other influencer’s content. Be generous in reposting other influencers content and it would only show that you are confident in your own right. Plus, you may pick up some of their fans. Don’t worry about losing follows, focus on the phrase “the more the merrier” and grow your network!
  • Be approachable and genuine. The best approach an influencer can take is to be genuine and approachable. Be open with your fans, answer their queries and give them a decent amount of access to your life. They want to know you’re human and not just a feed of memes, photos and short videos.
  • Blog, write a book, or establish your channel on Youtube. You’ll be surprised that how quickly your followers find you on various platforms! Give them more chances to hear from you. Create a blog where you post thought provoking and discussion oriented content. Create a video channel to post some interesting multimedia related to your influencer marketing and when you are done with all this, write a book which may contain a sum of all which you want the following to know about you.


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