I created a company I would want to hire.

With over 11 years of public relations experience, Bree leads Publicly Related, a public relations agency headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The agency side steps press releases and uses customized and personal pitches which she has found to be more effective at gaining features and mentions in mainstream and niche media. Publicly Related pushes boundaries and breaks traditional pr-agency rules by implementing transparency into their daily practices.

Best-Selling Author

My first piece was a guide to networking, it came to me after a series of networking events where I was bombarded by people giving me their business cards trying to sell me something.

A PR Girl’s Guide to Maximizing Your Networking Efforts was Bree’s first step into publishing. Since she has been published multiple times for her books on public relations and social media. Bree considers each book a success when she hears it impacted a single person.


I went in to complain and came out with a job.

Bree was interviewing students and university graduates for positions with her company. After almost each question, she was met with “deer in the headlight eyes”. The applicants couldn’t answer basic questions, such as “how would you reach a certain population or promote an event”. Dissatisfied and disheartened, Bree sought out the university administration to give them a piece of her mind.  She was offered to chance to make it better instead.

Bree Explains Social Media On Monsters in the Morning

Best line that’s ever been said on the show – Dirty Jim

My goal is to help you achieve your dreams.

Bree Goldstein
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